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In an emerging industry, we swim in uncharted seas, change is rapid. It is important to keep this at the forefront of thought. As well as understanding that we must be nimble and fluid like water. Build the network of like minded fantastic individuals. Be the Adaptive Brand. It's our Craft the Chameleon way.

About Chameleon Craft

Our greenhouses stand tall amongst a beautiful mixed forest in the northern sierra foothills. This region has several different microclimates. Here, our summers are dry and warm and our winters get quite wet and cold. Our unique microclimate at 2,400 ft allows the Goldilocks principle to be in effect, it's "just right", prompting our plants to reveal their special genetic makeup to their fullest potential. 

Soil Health

Fine cannabis needs the proper home during its lifetime to reach its full potential. Living soil is an indispensable prerequisite for growing great cannabis. Our matured craft is hand tailored to each plant. We design custom feeds depending on each soil analysis that we collect monthly. Through low till and winter cover crops practices, our greenhouses remain super charged with a diversity of living bacteria and microbes during even the coldest months. By the time we are ready to plant again in April, the abundant ecosystem in our soil is ready to serve up the essential nutrients that our young cannabis plants need to thrive. We blend science and the natural processes as a way to enhance the plant and the life of the soil. This synergy gives us the ability to research and tailor specific requirements for each individual strain. This ensures we can provide great products time and time again. Working WITH nature is crucial in crafting a full bodied, full spectrum, high-flavored legacy. 


Our 5,000 sq ft facility consists of a dozen and counting full season greenhouses. This micro-batch set up was specifically designed and built by our founder, Tyler Betts. Our facility is a living research and development complex that has allowed us to consistently test and improve our cultivation methods. Cycle by cycle we are able to increase the quality of our product and ensure a consistent result to our customers. 


Our team was developed through friendship and a shared love of the plant. Off grid living, organic farming and love of the ganja were just a few of our commonalities. Our founder Tyler Betts was a medical cannabis non-profit collective member and patient caregiver in the mid 2000’s. Through which he focused his efforts in supplying his patients with clean medical-grade cannabis. High grade as a priority was originally developed through his own personal experience, as most of the product available on the supply chain was harsh and lacking flavor. There was quality severely lacking in the market. It was that rare joint that was smooth till the end and packed with flavor that led him on his path to become the connoisseur cultivator he is today. While there wasn’t common knowledge or much information early on, he found out quickly that the best cannabis he could find was grown with organic farming practices. Through the use of the medical cannabis program in California, he became an obsessed cultivator. Providing the best medicine for the health of the patients in his circle. The obsession with organic craft cannabis continues to be at the forefront of our brand. WE ARE CHAMELEONS! Adapting to change/challenges. Always searching for new and unique flavors. Staying true to the care and integrity that got us all here.