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Maui Ben Farms is small outdoor/mixed light farm in Mendocino County. The farm was founded by "Maui" Ben Butler, who was born and raised in the Emerald Triangle and has been growing since 1987. Ben's farm is run with the help of friends and family, and he even does his own distribution. His signature strain is Maui Waui, grown from a carefully preserved set of original Hawaii genetics. Also, Ben is known for his Turquoise Jeep strain, which packs a classic bunch of blueberry gas. When growing, Ben focuses on careful topping of his plants to deliver consistent flowers, and applies beneficial bacteria to the soil to eliminate mold. He uses a signature curing style, slightly dryer than usual, to keep the terpenes in his flower tasting fresh for longer.

Maui Ben farms is rooted in hard work, good karma, and keeping positive.

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