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Mendo Mystic

Nestled high in the mountains of Mendocino County lies Mendo Mystic, a legacy licensed farm. Using nearly four decades of experience we cultivate some of the highest quality artisan cannabis around.

About Mendo Mystic

Mendo Mystic is a small-batch craft cannabis farm grown naturally in Mendocino County that is 100% family-owned and operated. Tony the "Master" grower has been cultivating since 1973 when his mother began to teach him the craft. After growing up in Hollywood he moved to Willits California and has been cultivating cannabis there since 1986.

We're a simple, honest farm producing roughly 200 lb of flower during a single full-term outdoor harvest. With one of the smallest license types, our farm is capable of 5,000 sqft of cannabis usually producing between 3-4 different varieties.

Small-batch Craft Cannabis

Sungrown outdoor over a full season, our crop usually consists of around 100 plants. This small crop size allows us to make sure each individual plant is up to our personal standards of health and quality.

Mendocino County California

The southernmost county in California’s legendary Emerald Triangle, Mendocino County’s climate, culture, and geography has made it a center for high quality flower for decades. Mendo Mystic is proud to help preserve the cultural heritage and cannabis genetics of this beautiful region.

Family-owned & Operated

Mendo Mystic is owned and operated by two generations of the same family. There is no corporate office, HR department, or dedicated sales department. We are 100% self-owned and managed.