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Trinity County

Trinity County is located on the far northern coast of the state. It is a rural and rugged area, with a diverse geography that includes forests, mountains, and rivers. The county is home to several landmarks, including the Trinity Alps Wilderness and the Trinity River. The population of Trinity County is approximately 13,000, and the county seat is Weaverville. Due to it's extreme geography and economic isolation, Trinity maintains a true wilderness spirit, with most rural residents living self sufficient and secluded lifestyles.

Trinity County has a rich history that dates back to the days of the California Gold Rush. The county was formed in 1850, and its name was chosen to honor the Holy Trinity. Throughout its history, Trinity County has been home to a variety of industries, including logging, mining, and ranching. Today, the county is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with many opportunities for hiking, fishing, and hunting.

The Northernmost county of the fabled "Emerald Triangle", Trinity is by far the most remote of the three, making it ideal growing country for the early outlaws of the illicit industry. Legalization enabled rapid growth of legal farms in the area, driven by a rapid influx of outsider entrepreneurs buying up cheap and isolated land for growing. Unfortunately, the county officials mishandled the licensing process, resulting in a lawsuit that in 2021 effectively invalidated the vast majority of all licenses. Since then, a limited number of licenses have been reinstated, and the legal industry is seriously struggling in this remote and beautiful corner of the cannabis heartland.

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