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Bringing farms and their customers together through the cannabis they have in common

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Higher Origins is built to help the hardworking people of the cannabis industry realize their potential by helping them reach new markets, ease compliance, and connecting them with their customers
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The Higher Origins Mission

Higher Origins aims to level the playing field for cannabis farms, by providing them new market opportunities, giving them the information to make informed decisions, and making sourcing more dependable for their partners. The cannabis industry should be accessible and profitable for all honest members of the community. We've created our mission statement as a living document found here


List and sell compliant products as you grow them so wholesalers and retailers can buy directly from your farm. Product details and test results are showcased for easy discovery.


Compliance driven data shows you key statistics on product availability, market trends, and supply chain performance so you can make informed decisions for your farm.


Track and trace for your operation has never been easier, with farm-optimized workflows, a blazing fast interface, and tools to make compliance an after-thought.

Why Higher Origins

Our platform is built in collaboration with our community of legacy growers, and tested in real time on our family farm, Mendo Mystic. Many of the features and functions of Higher Origins were requested by farms and retailers in the Emerald Triangle. Unlike other platforms, we are self-owned and are not influenced by corporate groups like Barclays, Casa Verde, or Y Combinator.


Higher Origins has been bootstrapped by a team of two in collaboration with local legacy partners. This helps us keep our products and services safe from industry outsider influence. Supporting us with a one time or recurring donation helps us grow this platform and provide effective solutions to our community. We would like to thank everyone below for helping make Higher Origins a reality. Support us here
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