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Humboldt County

Humboldt County is located in the North West coast of California, bordering Trinity, Mendocino, and Del Norte counties, as well as the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its rugged, mountainous terrain, beautiful coastline, and dense forests, including the best preserved Giant Sequoia redwood trees in the world. The county is home to a number of small towns and villages, including Eureka, Arcata, and Garberville. Formerly a logging-based economy, Humboldt underwent widespread turmoil in the late 90's, during the "Redwood Wars" in which logging companies and workers clashed with environmentalist activists over the fate of the old-growth redwood forests.

Humboldt County has a long history of involvement in the cannabis industry. It is located in the "Emerald Triangle," an area known for its high-quality cannabis production. Even before legalization, Humboldt was seen as the heart of the US cannabis industry, and truly exemplifies American cannabis culture.

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