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Announcing the Higher Origins Marketplace

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@higherorigins Posted on Jan 16, 2023

After months of development, networking, and testing, we are proud to launch the Higher Origins Marketplace for the California industry. Our marketplace is an accessible, METRC-integrated platform where licensed wholesalers, retailers, and cultivators can buy and sell cannabis products. Sellers will be able to list packages for sale, and buyers will be able to browse, learn about, and order these packages. We have designed this marketplace with direct feedback from retailers, wholesalers, and legacy farms in the Emerald Triangle and beyond. Since this platform will evolve based upon the needs and feedback of its users, the features listed below are subject to change and improvements over time.

The main Marketplace interface, showing product listings and sorting tool


This marketplace was created with the following goals in mind:

  • For Cultivators: Give cultivators a more transparent, stable, and fairly priced path to market for self-branded products, thereby reducing the likelihood that they get lowballed or robbed by middlemen who take a disproportionate markup.

  • For Retailers: Give retailers more direct access to a wider array of products. Through this Marketplace, retailers can get in direct contact with the product source and be sure they are getting exactly what they are looking for through our transparent supply chain.

  • For Wholesalers: Reduce the difficulty and cost of sourcing products for wholesalers, by giving them a compliance-backed environment in which they can look for exactly what they want.

The detailed product listing showing order tools, related products, and seller information

Initial Launch Features:

  • Product Listings: Products can only be listed if they are associated with valid METRC entries. Each listing will include available inventory, base price, minimum price, images, description, and testing information.

  • Search and Filtering: Listings are displayed in a familiar marketplace layout, and can be sorted by county, type, cost, and other key criteria.

  • Minimum Orders and Pricing: Minimum orders can be set by the seller in order to make sure the order is large enough to be economical to manufacture and ship. Likewise a floor price can be set by the seller to auto-reject low offers.

  • Business Pages: Every buyer and seller has a searchable page, which they can add information, images, and links to in order to represent their business.

  • Make Offers: Any buyer can make an offer on a product or request more information, which the seller can respond to, accept, or reject.

The Business Page, where Marketplace users can share their story to potential customers

Features to be Added in the Coming Weeks:

  • Invoices: The marketplace can generate invoices for orders as they are placed.

  • Automated Notifications: Get notified of order status, new product drops from sellers you follow, and more via email.

  • Marketplace Analytics: See overviews of product price and volume on the marketplace and the industry beyond.

  • Package Tracking: View the path that packages you are buying or have sold take through the supply chain, even when they leave your facility.


  • 35$/mo+10$ for each additional license

  • Transaction fee of 5% charged from the seller for orders on terms.


Other marketplace attempts have relied on exorbitant fees, weren’t designed by people who know how the cannabis industry works, or only focused on the retail end of the market. We are confident that our transparent and fairly priced marketplace, designed on the mountain from the perspective of the legacy grower, will provide the most direct and profitable path to market for self branded farms, and for buyers to source quality product. As this marketplace grows we will be able to generate accurate market-based insights to clearly explain what is happening in the industry. We invite any California licensed cannabis farm or buyer to check it out- all you need to create an account is your basic info and METRC API key. And tell your friends! We’d love to have you as a part of the Higher Origins community.

Keep Growing, and we’ll keep helping you get to market!

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