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Cultivation/Distribution (California only)

  • Unlimited Listings on the Higher Origins Industry Marketplace
  • Get access to our Industry Insights
  • Higher Origins Page - Get recognition throughout the platform
  • Shareable Wholesale Product Menu
  • Review transfers with Transfer Reviews
  • Harvest & Packaging Tools
  • Metrc Integration

starting @ $35/mo + $10/facility

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Retail (California only)

  • Access to the Higher Origins Industry Marketplace
  • Review transfers with Transfer Reviews
$35/mo + $10/bud-tender:
  • Get access to our Industry Insights
  • Higher Origins Page - Get recognition throughout the platform
  • Bud-tender Training Quizzes
  • Metrc Integration

starting @ $0/mo

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Why Support Higher Origins?

Our small, privately held organization helps us keep our products and services focused on the needs of those who built the cannabis industry, not on the short-sighted priorities of a board of investors.

Our focus is on keeping the market accessible, transparent, and culturally nurturing for the small farms that form the origins of our state cannabis industry, no matter what the government and their lobbyists decide to do. In 2016, voters asked the state for a functional and thriving legal industry, but the government has failed to deliver that so far.

If they won't, we will.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose this pricing model?

We chose this price point to be as low as possible while still being enough to pay our server fees and support ourselves. The additional 10$/month for each new facility helps pay for the extra cost of importing that facility's data. We are strongly opposed to other platforms which charge outrageous fees, sometimes hundreds a month, for equivalent (or often much worse) software and service.

What is your Refund policy?

We currently do not offer refunds. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Higher Origins experience, and we haven't been able to address your concerns, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Do you offer higher tiers of service or integration for Enterprise-level clients?

No. Our services are geared towards the ~50% of the market made up of smaller brands. We have neither the time nor interest to build special treatment in for large operations- if your business requires proprietary software for operation, then you will need to find that elsewhere.

Can I get access to Higher Origins without giving you my METRC API key?

No. API key access is critical to our METRC integration and is required to ensure that only legally licensed operations have access. If you are not an API key holder but are interested supporting in Higher Origins, you may become a Supporter Here

Is Higher Origins planning on adding support for (other state)?

While we have explored the idea of expanding to other states, at present Higher Origins is entirely California focused and we have not started working on interstate expansion.

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