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Higher Origins has been bootstrapped by a team of two Mendocino County boys in collaboration with legacy partners throughout the state. Supporting us with a one time or recurring donation helps us grow this platform and provide effective solutions to the cannabis industry, both for our paying customers and the public.

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Our small, privately held organization helps us keep our products and services focused on the needs of those who built the cannabis industry, not on the short-sighted priorities of a board of investors. If you want to know more about what we do and what your donations go towards, check out our mission statement and FAQ. Our focus is on keeping the market accessible, transparent, and culturally nurturing for the small farms that form the origins of our state cannabis industry, no matter what the government and their lobbyists decide to do. In 2016, voters asked the state for a functional and thriving legal industry, but the government has failed to deliver that so far.

If they won't, we will.

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