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Sutter County

Unfortunately, the government of Sutter County has prohibited all forms of commercial cannabis within their jurisdiction.

Sutter County, located in central Northern California, is known for it's agricultural economy. Its largest city, Yuba City, is home to around 70,000 people, and is known for it's thriving community of Sikhs, the largest in the US. As of September 2021, Sutter County was home to a population of approximately 100,000 residents. The county's history is intertwined with the California Gold Rush and it's original inhabitants, the Maidu people. The regions fertile agricultural lands have shaped a thriving economy based on farming and food processing. The county's geography is defined by the Feather River, wide open agricultural spaces, and the Sutter Buttes, a volcanic mountain range thought to be the smallest individual range in the world. The county is named after John Sutter, a Swiss buisnessman who was instrumental in many historical developments in California's early history.

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